• Product Overview

    Based on deep learning computer vision technology, the company developed FPGA-based embedded forward ADAS system,
    driver monitoring system (DMS) and AVM system to meet the core needs of smart car front (rear)!

    Around View Monitor system

    Forward ADAS System

    Driver Monitoring System

  • Forward ADAS System

    Vehicle-level forward visual perception system

    The system adopts monocular computer vision algorithm based on deep learning neural network and stable and fast vehicle-level FPGA platform, which can realize the functions of front collision warning (FCW), pedestrian collision warning (PCW), and lane departure warning (LDW). At the same time, the system can work in all kinds of weather and road environments, and can perform full-angle full attitude detection on various types of targets.
    Forward collision warning
    Pedestrian collision warning
    Lane departure warning
  • Driver Monitoring System

    First driver monitoring system based on deep learning technology in China

    The system realizes driver fatigue warning and identity identification by detecting driver's head posture, facial features, and opening and closing eye state to ensure driving safety; Based on deep learning computing vision technology, the system can operate in a variety of complex environments (such as wearing glasses / light-colored sunglasses, complex lighting, passengers at night or in the rear)
    Fatigue detection
    Bad behavior detection
    Driver identification
  • Intelligent 360° AVM system

    based on FPGA

    Vehicle-level FPGA solution

    Short start-up time

    Reliable performance

    Real-time scalability

    Lane departure warning
    Blind spot monitoring
    Moving object detection

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